A New Camera and a Trip to the Farm

I’m so excited–last week I bought myself a new camera. I totally fell into the hands of the Nikon marketing geniuses, and bought it because of a rebate. I had intended to just buy a tiny point and shoot for my husband for Father’s Day, and found out that I could save $50 if I bought that camera AND a new DSLR. Well that was all the impetus I needed to go ahead and buy the D200 I had been wanting. So it was one of those cases where I spent $2000 to save $50. Oh well, probably not the best reasoning, but I really love the new camera and I’m excited about being able to provide my clients with even better quality photos and to be able to offer bigger enlargements.

Here are a few of my first photos with the new camera. It will take a while to get used to it, since the camera has so many more features and flexibility than my old one.

Yesterday while A was at camp, little V and I visited a farm and took a few photos of an adorable set she was modeling for Kathryn Rose Design. She had a blast “modeling with the animals”.

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