The world as seen by the IPhone

This week I embarked on a little adventure and I’ve gone off to a photography convention. And while I have my regular camera with me I found that the IPhone has been much handier in some opportune moments. The first chance came in Atlanta, shortly after I missed my connecting flight and was sent from one side of the airport to the other to make the next flight out. I was amused to see that the world has come to–Ipod dispensing machines. Yes, that’s right, where you used to be able to buy sodas and unhealthy snackfood, you can now buy an Ipod. I thought it was appropriate to take the photo with the IPhone. Wouldn’t the folks at Apple marketing be proud?

Then today, when I was sitting in my conference room, one of the other photographers announced that the space shuttle was about to launch, and being in FL, we should be able to see it outside. So we all hurried outside to catch a glimpse. Well the clouds had other ideas, so here’s a view of the shuttle takeoff from the view of the Iphone. Yep, sorry, no zoom, so don’t try too hard to find it in those clouds, we couldn’t do so in person, either 😉

And the last little IPhone tidbit is of the Melba Toast we had at lunch today. I saw it by the coup and it made me a little sentimental. My oldest child was not a very camper when we used to go to restaurants when she was an infant. The only thing that we found to placate her and keep her happy was Melba toast. So everywhere we ate, we sought out the Melba toast. And here it was reminding me of how far we’ve come since those days 🙂

So there’s my little random memories captured on the cameraphone. they might not be competition quality, but the moments are captured all the same.

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  1. So cool! I like the sky pic.Very artsy. Looks like you had some fun photo opportunities!