Fun Project: Grassheads

For a fun spring project, why not try a homemade grasshead?

You’ll need:
an empty yogurt container (or similar recyclable)
a knee-high stocking or regular stocking cut to knee-high length
grass seed
soil (we used a mix of sand, clay dirt, and potting soil)

1. Line the inside of the yogurt container with the stocking.
2. Add the grass seed to the bottom, inside the stocking.
3. Add half of the soil on top of grass seed.
4. Carefully pull stocking out of the container.
5. Continue to fill the stocking with soil.
6. Tie the stocking closed.
7. Decorate the face using non-water-soluble glue.
8. Fill the container with water,
9. Place the head on top, using part of the stocking above the knot as a wick to draw up water to the head.
10. Sprinkle the head with water and wait about a week for the bald head to grow “hair”.

Thanks to my daughter’s science teacher for showing us this fun and easy project!

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