Happy 50th Anniversary!

November 30, 2008

In continuation of my weekend of family portraits, this family was celebrating the couple of honor’s 50th wedding anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a portrait of the children, their spouses and the grandchildren.


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Family Day

November 29, 2008

I have been very lucky to work with a lot of repeat clients this holiday season, and this little guy was one of my maternity/newborn clients earlier in the year. Now he brought back his 3 sisters, his parents, 10 cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents for a group portrait.


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I am thankful for….

November 27, 2008

My friends and family. This morning I was behind the camera, taking family and newborn portraits for some of my closest friends. I normally would have taken the day off, but this little angel was kind enough to come right before my visit, so I could meet her and take some fun natural light newborn portraits. Congratulations, Jason! It’s so great to see you as a dad.


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Mini-Session: Sisters

November 24, 2008

I was really excited to photograph these little cuties, because I have known them for a long time, and I know they are sweethearts. Even though we were aiming for holiday card photos, I had to take a few fun individual photos as well, since they were having so much fun with the props in the studio. It’s like a kids’ wonderland in there 🙂


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Mini-Session: In the Studio

November 22, 2008

These little guys were some of my first customers, and I loved seeing them again for their holiday card portraits this year. I thought this image of the two of them was just so perfect, I had to show it as a gallery wrap. You would never guess how much fun and games we had while getting them to sit still for a few pictures. They were such fun little kids, and they were just full of hugs and kisses for each other.


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Mini-Session: Natural Light

Brrr. We didn’t realize when we scheduled this outdoor holiday card mini-session that despite the fact that the average temperature this year is 55 degrees, that it would feel like it was 20 degrees today! So we improvised, doing some quick outdoor shots and then some natural light inside. This little gal is such an adorable little girl, and she was one of the newborns I photographed last summer. I couldn’t believe how much she had grown in just a few months!


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