Spring Flowers




I just love the first flowers of spring.  My garden has lovely spring bulbs that are blooming, and with the help of my little 3-year-old assistant, I was able to grab a few fun macro shots.  These flowers just have the most amazing details.  For my fellow photographers–these are all in full sun, shot using a golden reflector and my little assistant serving as a gobo to block direct sunlight.  That setup allowed me to grab better detail with my 100mm macro lens.

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  1. Gorgeous images Emily. I especially love the first one, the new tulip. The lighting on these is beautiful, thanks for the details. I can’t wait until we have flowers where I live.

  2. I took one that was exactly like your third one yesterday — without the helper 🙂 Can you post or send me the info on the pic? I want to see how much it differed from mine on the 40D.

  3. Did you mean the closed hyacinth, or the purple flower? The hyacinth is ss60, f3.5–that was shot before I pulled out the reflector. The purple flower was SS1000, F9, also without the reflector. The first 2 were shot in the technique I described.

  4. Just beautiful pictures of your flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Flowers are great and all, but you need to get back to taking pictures of bugs.

  6. being an avid gardener, I think these are some of the prettiest pics I have ever seen!