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Painted Butterfly Studio

Painted Butterfly StudioPainted Butterfly Studio

We received these beautiful mermaid dresses from Painted Butterfly Studio with matching bows from Bow a’la Mode and I just knew they had to be modeled at the beach.  Of course, we don’t live terribly close to the beach, so it was a little excursion for us.  The location is Chesapeake Beach, on the Maryland’s western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  It’s only about an hour drive from Vienna.   It was much too cold for the water, but the girls had fun running barefoot on the beach and playing in the sand.

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  1. These dresses are ADORABLE!!!! We love chesapeake beach- if you are lucky, you can find several sharks teeth in the sand if you look closely!!!

  2. OH, and Em, I was looking for the halter dress on Painted Butterfly, to see if the back is open.. but the link above was not working for me. 🙁 But the Bow a’la Mode link worked and they are adorable!! I know a little blondie head who could use some bows!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. I fixed the link. It’s not listed yet, but yes, the back is open. I think you can see the back view on the pics I posted on my Facebook photo album.

  4. Love these! The dresses are gorgeous and match the balloons perfectly! Wish we were close to a beach *sigh*.