A Home for the Fairies


Yesterday I was in the backyard spreading grass seed while my daughter played happily on the swings.  I came to the section of my lawn where the oak had uprooted last spring, and found it still a mulchy mess, with tiny sprouts of grass valiantly trying to survive the chemical warfare from the deteriorating wood.   In contemplating what do to about this desolate patch of the yard, I came upon a tiny little pair of toadstools about the height of a quarter.  Looking closer, I thought–with an imagination fueled by living with two preschool girls–that it looked like the perfect little home for a garden fairy.   I brought out my trusty macro lens to catch some photos, and left them on the camera until this morning.  When I opened up the images, I realized I should have trimmed a little more of the tiny grass sprouts around it, and wanted to go outside and try again.   Well sure enough, the fairy must have realized I found her home and moved on, because the little house was all shriveled up, and hardly recognizable this morning.

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