Just Hangin’ Out

June 28, 2009


This was my second session of the weekend, and another family of boys, making it an all-boys portrait weekend for me.   These little guys were so cute–I just couldn’t resist sharing this last one–aren’t his eyes amazing?


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2, 4, 6

June 27, 2009


I had a little change of scenery this morning for this family session.   I had only been to this spot once before, and that was in the winter when the foliage looked much different.   It was interesting to see the different personalities of these brothers in action.  The older two had fun helping me with my equipment–they were great little assistants!


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Six Feet

June 25, 2009




Summer is here, and I love the carefree look of barefoot kids!   These kiddos shed their Crocs and sandals for a few minutes to trek around my favorite Vienna location for some family portraits this morning.


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Belly Pics in Black and White

June 23, 2009



I had a lot of fun working with these parents-to-be last night night for their maternity portrait session.  They had a lot of  ideas which challenged me to go a little outside of my normal maternity style, but I always enjoy when clients have a vision for what they want–it makes for a great collaboration.   I can’t wait to meet their little boy in a couple of weeks!


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Little Dancers

June 17, 2009


We grabbed a few shots of the girls and their friend in the studio this afternoon in their tap and ballet recital costumes.   Despite the drizzly weather, the little performers were in good spirits and enjoyed posing for me.


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Summer has begun

June 15, 2009

froggiesIt’s the end of an era here at my house–my oldest has finished preschool, and now we’ll soon we moving into the world of school-aged children.  I was a little sad this morning when I picked the girls up from their last day of school and gave thanks to their teachers for the wonderful job they’ve done with the kids this year.  These little froggy cupcakes were my contribution to the end of the party in my younger daughter’s class.   Another mom made some adorable cookie medalions for the kids which reminded me of the Lebkuchen versions you see in German and Austrian festivals.



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