Sweet Innocent Eyes

June 11, 2009




I just love babies at this age–lots of rolls,  big eyes and wide smiles.  This little guy was so in love with his mom and dad, and fascinated but every detail of the world around him.   He was so focused on his explorations it was sometimes a little hard to grab his attention.   But despite the challenges (poor little guy was cutting some teeth) I had fun getting to know this lovely family in this Celebrating Adoption session.


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Three Sons

June 9, 2009


My husband and I have a little inside joke dating back to our days at William and Mary, where he said that all he needed to start up his own web business was “three sons”.  I immediately imagined three tiny versions of my husband behind computers typing away.  But he had meant “three Suns” (a type of server).  Anyway, it seems only fitting that the family of one of my husband’s colleagues with three sons was in the studio this morning.  Today we were focusing on their newest addition, and what a cutie he is!  I had to include the last one because I thought it was one of those cases where a picture tells a thousand words.  The little hand is from his middle brother…


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Glowing Momma-to-be

June 8, 2009


I always enjoy maternity sessions, not only because it gives me a chance to meet moms before their newborn sessions, but also because it gives me an opportunity to get a little creative with my photography.  Tonight after trying some of my more traditional maternity poses, I broke out the heavy duty fan to try some fashion-inspired photos with the beautiful mom-to-be.


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They brought the sunshine

June 7, 2009


When I woke up yesterday the ground was soaked from days of rain and the sky was filled with gloomy, dark clouds.  So things were not looking up for our afternoon session in the park.  But I think in the end the session was meant to be, because by the afternoon the clouds cleared and the sun started to dry up the ground.  We had first spoken last fall about this Celebrating Adoption session, so I was happy to finally meet the family and so glad that we ended up with perfect weather.


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Occupational Hazard (and some adorable kids)

June 4, 2009


I met these little guys at the studio this morning.  The little girl was a bundle of energy, and kept us playing the whole time.  In fact, at one point I slipped while trying to keep up with her and fell flat on my face with camera in hand!   In between rolling cars and trains we did manage to grab some portraits of her little brother, too.   He was so sweet and easygoing, and looks like he already has a great fascination with her big sis.


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