Sweet Little Friend

July 30, 2009



This adorable little girl is one of my daughter’s friends, and I was very excited about having the chance to do portraits for her and her brother.  This session turned out to be all about her, after her little brother got an itchy bug bite near his eye.   I will go back after a few days and finish up the session with the little guy, but in the meantime, here are a few from this morning.


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Baby Teeth

July 29, 2009

mcc3mcc1mcc21Ok, I just had to include this first one, with his adorable little bottom teeth.   I was excited to see him again–I first met him as a newborn client last fall.   This time I also got the chance to work with his big brother and his sweet cousin.   Don’t the brothers look so dapper in their matching duds?


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Some Coffee with That?

July 28, 2009

mar1mar3mar2So this was a first — posing a newborn with a coffee machine.  But what fun!  I always encourage parents to personalize their custom newborn photography by including things that are meaningful to them. I’ve done babies on guitars, on pianos, and in flowerpots.   Well this new dad is a big fan of his coffee maker, so we gave it a try.    This little cutie didn’t need coffee to stay awake for most of the session, but with a little patience we were able to get some really sweet shots.


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On the Rocks

July 27, 2009


I met this super easy-going family up in Baltimore.  The quarry we used for our location turned out to be a gorgeous spot, but at 2pm in full sun without a full-grown tree to be found, I had to get a little creative to find some good portrait light.   Luckily the parents were so easy to work with and the boys were great sports, so we ended up with a fabulous session amongst the rocks and shrubs.


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Her Three Sons

July 25, 2009

rho12rho22This proud mom called and asked for some family portraits at their home with her sons before the oldest headed overseas.   I’m glad we even managed to get their adorable dogs in with them.   Those pups were full of energy–a little like toddlers, except promising them a treat seemed to be all they needed to “smile”, LOL.


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A Day Away… in Baltimore

July 22, 2009






Last weekend I got to spend a day up in Baltimore doing a series of sessions for a repeat client and her neighbors.   We lucked out beautiful day (and no rain) for our sessions, and I was able to work with these cute little preschoolers in their own home settings.  It’s fun to see how they all have their unique personalities already.   I had so much fun getting to know the families, and was so grateful for their fabulous hospitality.


Posted 9 years, 9 months ago at 9:40 pm.