Busy One

February 27, 2010


This family is another of my repeat clients–you may recognize mom’s beautiful smile from her maternity session last winter, or their subsequent newborn session.   This afternoon in the studio she was a busy bee, checking out all my toys and props.   It’s hard to believe the last time I saw her she was a tiny newborn.  Look how much she’s grown in the past year!


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Posted 12 years, 5 months ago at 7:26 pm.

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Snowstorm Baby

February 23, 2010


This little gal arrived two weeks after her due date, and right at the start of our big snowstorms.  I can just imagine the fun her parents had bringing her home from the hospital in almost 3 feet of snow!   By the time we were able to get her into the studio, she was 2 1/2 weeks old and a sweet bright-eyed little thing.  But when she did go off to dreamyland, we managed to grab a few of her adorable sleepy smiles.

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 3:11 pm.

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Future QB

February 21, 2010


Almost 2 years ago I shot a newborn session for this family’s sweet little girl, and this weekend they were back with their newest addition for another session.  We had a lot of fun with props this time around, trying out my newest hat from Etsy (the sock monkey), and my teddy bear basket.   And of course the football image–it was totally an afterthought, we just grabbed the football in the studio and gave it a try at the very end of the session, but I think it turned out adorably!

Here’s a quick look back at his little sis when she was his age:


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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 8:37 pm.

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Long Awaited

February 15, 2010


After a few times rescheduling, I finally got to meet this little doll and her lovely family.  At two weeks old, she was awake and alert for part of the session, and then gave us some quality sleepy time near the end.    It was just to heart-warming to see all of the love she is showered with from her parents and grandparents, who all joined us for the session–a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day!

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 2:59 pm.

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Little Charmer

February 14, 2010




This morning I got back into the studio after a week of snow days and had to work with this family for their Celebrating Adoption session.   This little guy was really interested in the pieces of construction equipment that were making a lot of noise outside attempting to clear out the heaps of snow.   But in between watching the trucks, we managed to grab some smiles of this little cutie.  He just has the most amazing blue eyes and charming smile.

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 9:36 am.

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Snow Day Baby

February 5, 2010


One of my favorite client families was back today for a session to welcome their newest addition!  We decided that despite the fact that schools and many businesses were closed in anticipation of the incoming snowstorm we were going to give the session a try this morning.  And I’m so happy we did.  He was just one week old and so tiny.  And look at his proud big brother!

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 2:18 pm.

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Need Headshots?

February 4, 2010


Need headshots for acting, professional publications or websites?   The cold winter months are a great time to update your headshots.  My professional headshot package includes a 15 minute session and 2 full resolution fully retouched digital images for $150.

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 7:39 pm.

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Farewell, Tai Shan

February 3, 2010


Today is Tai Shan’s last day in Washington, DC, and the girls and I will be sad to see him go.  He is being sent back to China as part of the agreement the zoo has about any panda born here at the zoo.   To send him off, the girls made goodbye cards for him this afternoon (note the chopsticks in A’s card–she said he is going to China so be might need them, LOL )


He is just a tad younger than Vera, and we were there at the zoo on the day he debuted to the public.  As I remember, there wasn’t much to see, just a little black and white in the indoor panda habitat (see below right).  But I had tiny A. in a stroller and tinier V. strapped on a baby carrier backback, and we braved the freezing temperatures to be among the first in line to meet the baby panda.


Over the past few years, the pandas have been our favorite destination at the zoo, and we certainly got into the panda-monium.  A. still sleeps every night with “pandy”, the stuffed animal she got when she received the panda “adopt and animal” package for Christmas.  Here is A. back in 2006 with all of the panda goodies at the gift kiosk.  I *loved* that dress!


So we wish you safe travels and a happy life in China, our dear Tai Shan.  We will miss you!

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Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 3:24 pm.