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Things have been a little crazy around here this past week because our family has a new addition–meet Lucy, the Affenpoo.   She’s 4 months old and 9lbs right now, and will probably remain a small dog.  Affenpoos (for those who are curious, LOL) are a type of “designer dog” with 2 purebred parents of different breeds, in this case an Affenpinscher and a miniature poodle.   They are said to be good with children and good family pets.   It has been so fun seeing her experience the world outside for the first time.  She is curious about every smell and every noise.

I sometimes get questions about pet portraits, and I am happy to include your family pets in your family portrait sessions outdoors or in your homes.  We do not do pet portraits in the studio.  And if you want individual portraits of you pet, while I certainly can do them for you, I recommend considering someone who specializes in pet photography.  I think the best photographers are not generalists, but specialists in a particular area.  Some do beautiful landscapes, but have no idea how to work with children.  Others do stunning senior portraits but don’t have the right equipment to photograph weddings.  So for pet photography in the DC area, I recommend Bev Hollis, who has a wonderful and unique style for capturing pets in beautiful settings.

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