{On Vacation}

August 25, 2010

Just a quick note that I will be on vacation from August 25-31.  If you are looking to book a fall session you can email me at emily@veralana.com, and I will contact you when I return.  Have great week!

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Posted 11 years, 12 months ago at 10:43 am.

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Which one is Thomas?

August 21, 2010



I’ve known these little girls for several years, and it was fun to work with them and their little brother this morning.   Little brother loved his trains and his big smile in this closeup was from a little game his mom was playing asking him to show each of the train cars one by one.   Even in the image of the three of them, the trains were there by his side–we hid them with his sisters’ skirts!

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Posted 12 years ago at 10:36 pm.

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Big Sister, Little Sister

August 20, 2010


This lovely family came to me through the Celebrating Adoption organization.   And not only do they have a new addition to their family to celebrate, but also the end of a series of cancer treatments.    It was so sweet to see how much big sis loved her little sister–it was truly a match meant to be.

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Posted 12 years ago at 8:58 am.

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Spotted on iTunes

August 16, 2010


The new album from Spanish-language Christian artist Andy Colon, which features my images, is now available  to the public!   You can find it on iTunes, or hear some previews through his website.    I think the album look amazing, and I am so excited that I could be part of the project.

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Posted 12 years ago at 11:36 pm.

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New Beginnings

August 15, 2010


What better way to kick off my new studio then to work with a new family.   I’m moving my studio space from the the original space on Mill Street to a new location on Maple Avenue.  The new studio is nearly renovated with cherry floors, and I am excited about the new opportunities for shooting there.

I knew this new mom since our days at William and Mary together, and it was so sweet to hear her singing lullabies to her little boy.

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Posted 12 years ago at 8:31 pm.

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Little Purple Bow

August 13, 2010


I was excited when this former sorority sister of mine contacted me to do a celebrating adoption session for her new baby girl.   After 4 years invested in the adoption process, they finally were able to bring home their baby girl.   They are such adoring parents, and their sweet little girl was just the cutest.  Don’t you just love that fountain pigtail?

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Posted 12 years ago at 9:15 pm.

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Seeing Double + 1

August 11, 2010


These identical twin boys were dressed the same from head to toe — so cute!  And the family did such a great job with their outfits, I just love how well they coordinated.   Baby brother was a little slow to warm up this morning, but we managed to get some of his adorable baby smiles after all.  Love those little teeth!

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Posted 12 years ago at 9:56 pm.

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Wide Eyes

August 8, 2010



This little 6-week-old was not in the mood for sleepy newborn portraits during his session.  Try as we did to get him to take a little shuteye, he just wanted to show us those baby blues.

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Posted 12 years ago at 9:42 pm.

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Just you and me (and baby on the way)

August 7, 2010


It’s so nice to meet couples expecting their first child.   This beautiful momma-to-be and her husband wanted to capture this time in their relationship right before the two becomes three.  We were speculating on things such as whether the baby girl would end up a soccer player like dad or a volleyball player like mom.   It’s so amazing to think a new life is on the way an all the opportunities she will have in it.   I look forward to seeing them again as new parents, and meeting their little one!

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Posted 12 years ago at 7:39 am.

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10 Years, Same Place

August 3, 2010


This couple were married ten years ago at Washington’s River Farm in Alexandria, and wanted to commemorate their 10th anniversary with some family photos at the same place.   What a great location it turned out to be!  It is run by the American Horticultural Society and has gorgeous gardens, including a children’s garden with fun playhouses and a sod sofa.   The family were such good sports, and we had fun doing everything from climbing trees, to playing in fountains and playing soccer.


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Posted 12 years ago at 9:41 pm.

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