Fausnachts and Flowers

Ah, March is such a wishy-washy month–it can never decide if it wants to be winter or spring, so it’s a little of both!  I am very fond of the month being a March baby myself, and I enjoy both the remnants of winter and the beginnings of spring.  For example, last night I let the dog outside before heading to bed and was greeted by snow, and then this morning I walked outside to find the hardiest of the crocuses already blooming and being flocked by insects who have been waiting for the first pollen of the season.

This March has been host to pre-Lenten carnival celebrations as well.   In honor of my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, I went in search of the traditional Fastnachts (potato doughnuts served on Fat/Shrove Tuesday).   I found some at the local Wegman’s store which looked yummy, although a little different than the style I’ve seen before.  The ones I’m used to are plain and it’s more traditional to eat them with Turkey syrup, but I have always preferred apple butter on mine.   The apple butter was a little much on top of the sugar–I may have to specially request some plain ones next time ; )

For more information on Fastnachts and the traditions here’s an article from today’s CSM.

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  1. Yum! I wonder if the fausnachts are easy to make at home? Something new to try!