Snowy Blossoms

It’s rare to have a snowy cherry blossom season, so when they called for snow last weekend, I told my 7-year-old daughter that we would get up first thing in the morning and head into town and take some photos of the snowy blossoms.  That morning I woke up and went to her room to wake her, and she was already up and dressed and excited to head out!   We drove in (love the DC area roads with no traffic and no construction!) and parked over at the Washington Marina where in the metered marking that’s free on Sundays.  We passed by the fish market, which was already up and running even so early on a Sunday morning, and some homeless people who were huddled under the bridge to escape the elements.  When we arrived at the Jefferson memorial even though the sun had yet to show itself, there were already a number of people with large cameras, monopods, and tripods who apparently had the same idea that we did.  It was definitely a great way to see the tidal basin.

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