For Mom’s Birthday

May 15, 2011

This mom contacted me looking for some fun family portraits to celebrate her birthday.  I won’t tell which birthday it is, but her sons are trying to give you a clue ; )  We have been trying for about a month to get this session in, and things kept coming up, so when the weather called for a 30% chance of rain, we decided to go ahead and chance it!   Well it turns out that a cloudy, misty day kept most of the other visitors inside, and we practically had the botanical gardens to ourselves.   We explored all around and everyone had a little fun along the way.


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Yellow and blue make…cute!

May 12, 2011

This little blue-eyed charmer was back for his 3rd session.   I got to work with him first as a newborn, then last winter for his Valentine’s portraits, and again this week for his 8-month-old spring portraits.   He decided to show us his more serious side for most of the session, but we were able to get him to crack a few smiles.   I really love the one of him sitting in the buttercups.  I think it would make a beautiful canvas.


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Brothers in Argyle

May 10, 2011

Little brother came to my studio last October for his own photoshoot, and this spring he was  back for a session with his brother.  This time we got to enjoy the beautiful spring weather outdoors.  They are both little charmers, full of mischievous grins and playful antics.


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By the Azaleas

May 8, 2011

You’d never guess from these sunny portraits that we nearly postponed this session on account of the forecasted thunderstorms.  It turns out that is was good we went ahead as planned because the passing storms never came!  These children were so wonderful to work with, happily posing for me around their flowering garden.


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And then he slept

May 5, 2011

This little guy already has quite a lust for life.  He arrived before his scheduled delivery date, eager to meet mom and dad and big sister.  And then at our session he didn’t want to miss a thing, staying wide-eyed until the very end.  Finally after much resistance, we were able to get him to take a little nap and pose for some sleepy portraits.   Kudos to his parents who had the patience to wait until he was ready to take his siesta!


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May 4, 2011

It so much fun to reconnect with college friends, and especially to share in such an exciting part of their lives.  This glowing momma-to-be is just weeks away from meeting her baby boy, and she was such a perfect model.  She’s already talking about her first post-baby triathlon!


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