That’s not the sound a wagon makes!

It’s great when I get to meet up with fun, relaxed repeat clients and help them capture more family memories.  With this family it felt more like hanging out with friends and taking some photos along the way than working.   The kids were having a great time exploring the surroundings–climbing on the caboose, riding in the wagon, playing in the stones *especially playing in the stones*, climbing on the stone walls and checking out the gardens (they were more excited about the spider webs than the flowers, though!).   At one point when the boys were in their little red wagon, I moved the wagon a bit to get them out of the sun and as I was moving it said “Chugga chugga”, to which the older boy corrected me for mixing up my transportation sounds.  Of course, silly me!

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Posted in Children and Family 12 years, 2 months ago at 1:31 pm.

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