Fall in the Gardens

October 27, 2012

This was our second visit together to the botanical gardens for portraits.  This year the twins were full of energy and loved exploring the gardens.  We had just missed a lot of the leaves on the trees, but there was plenty of color to be found.


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Sticky Dandelions

October 22, 2012

It is always fun to work with clients year after year, and especially nice because the kids recognize me and are very comfortable with the camera.  This once-shy little girl was far from shy today, having a great time playing and exploring as we did our session.   She was excited to find a white dandelion to blow on and make some wishes, but found the morning dew had cemented it together.


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American Gothic

October 21, 2012

Our fall photo session is becoming an annual tradition with this family and I’m always so excited to see the great coordinating outfits they arrive in.  This year we tried another new location and had a lot of fun exploring the park.  We were playing in the leaves, walking along the stone walls, spotting deer, and even posing with pitchforks!


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October 17, 2012

This little one-month-old was such a trooper.  We were worried that he may not sleep as well as a younger newborn, but we were lucky to get a great mix of sleepy newborn shots and wide-eyes.   He even smiled at mom for a few photos, which was really surprising for such a young little guy.    We had a lot of fun with the hats that they brought along to the session.  How cute is that little police hat?


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What Rain?

October 15, 2012

We were repeatedly checking the weather forecast last night and this morning and weren’t sure if we would be able to fit in our session before the storm front moved in.   We ended up changing our location and moving up the time, and it worked out perfectly.   We ended up with a mild, gently overcast morning and a great setting for the family shoot.   We have done a fall family shoot together for the past 5 years, and every year I enjoy seeing how much fun these little guys have playing outside.   I just had to include this last shot–not the most technically perfect shot, but I thought it showed how much fun they were having between poses.


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By the Waterfall

October 12, 2012

It’s so fun to see these little cuties growing up.  The last time I saw this little guy, he was still a little baby, and now he was such a busy toddler, he wanted to run around the whole shoot.   But when we did get him to stand still for a few second he flashed the most heart-melting smiles.   And his big sis was such a pro at photoshoots by now that she was was happy to pose all over the rocks and gardens near her house.


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