Summer Blooms

August 22, 2009

flower2flower3flower1flower4flower5flower6I have been so busy with portraits I hadn’t had a chance to play with these images I took while on vacation last month.   Here are some of the pretties I found at the Jersey Shore.

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A Home for the Fairies

May 20, 2009


Yesterday I was in the backyard spreading grass seed while my daughter played happily on the swings.  I came to the section of my lawn where the oak had uprooted last spring, and found it still a mulchy mess, with tiny sprouts of grass valiantly trying to survive the chemical warfare from the deteriorating wood.   In contemplating what do to about this desolate patch of the yard, I came upon a tiny little pair of toadstools about the height of a quarter.  Looking closer, I thought–with an imagination fueled by living with two preschool girls–that it looked like the perfect little home for a garden fairy.   I brought out my trusty macro lens to catch some photos, and left them on the camera until this morning.  When I opened up the images, I realized I should have trimmed a little more of the tiny grass sprouts around it, and wanted to go outside and try again.   Well sure enough, the fairy must have realized I found her home and moved on, because the little house was all shriveled up, and hardly recognizable this morning.

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A Bug’s Life

May 7, 2009


I am always amazed at how closely insects resemble aliens from sci-fi movies.  These are just a few creepy critters I found in my garden and captured with my trusty macro lens.  Despite how big and intimidating they appear here, have no fear, in real life they were only about 2mm long and quite harmless.  The first guy was a fly who was enjoying the raindrops on the hood of my car.

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Raindrops on…tulips

March 27, 2009



As we go into a rainy weekend I thought I’d share a few more macros of the flowers in my garden.  This time washed with spring rain.  If you look closely in the drops of the purple flower you can see my reflection!

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Spring Flowers

March 23, 2009




I just love the first flowers of spring.  My garden has lovely spring bulbs that are blooming, and with the help of my little 3-year-old assistant, I was able to grab a few fun macro shots.  These flowers just have the most amazing details.  For my fellow photographers–these are all in full sun, shot using a golden reflector and my little assistant serving as a gobo to block direct sunlight.  That setup allowed me to grab better detail with my 100mm macro lens.

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Snowy Macros

March 2, 2009

Today’s snow inspired me to pull out my macro lens (which allows me to take extreme closeups/magnified images). Snow seems to make anything, even a dead leaf, look fresh and clean.

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