How Quickly They Forget…aka Young Romance

No photos today, just a little story. Last year my preschooler had a little guy in her class who she referred to as her “big boyfriend”. They looked very much like pint-sized high school sweethearts, always finding a place next to each other for circle time, and walking hand-in-hand on the playground. At the end of the school year they parted ways, as he was going to a different preschool this year.

Fast forward to today, about 9 months later, I arrived to pick her up from the childcare at my gym, and there is my daughter, playing “adventurer” with this little boy–her “big boyfriend.” In a complete stroke of chance they had been in the childcare at the same time. But when I asked her if she remembered who he was, she looked at me as if to say “why would I know who he was?–he’s a little guy I just met in the gym”, and just said “no”. So while I look back fondly at her first little boyfriend and how cute they looked marching happily around together, I guess the whole period has already slipped from her young mind. So we said goodbye and the ex-preschool sweethearts went their merry ways again, completely nonplussed.

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