Two boys and a ?

We’re not sure if the boy they’re expecting is a boy or girl, but I did get a big smile when I asked this mom to imagine pushing a little girl in a frilly pink dress around in a baby carriage. We had a great time this morning and here are some previews from their session.

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Posted in Uncategorized 13 years, 1 month ago at 2:26 pm.



  1. wow I love the black and white of the mom! great job!!

  2. Emily, These are so cute but I really love the last one of the mom…it is very tastefully done and she is gorgeous!

  3. Gigi (aka Ruth) Geitgey Aug 7th 2008 @ 17:08 GMT+0000

    Beautiful portraits of this time of life with the kids.
    I love the frame idea to include the unborn child in the family portrait.
    Also very modest and tasteful.

    Gigi Geitgey