From the mind of a 2-year-old

I’m in the car with my husband and the girls, and the younger one says “Oh no! I left something at the man’s house!”. We were on our way back from the camera store (where I got a new macro lens…more on that tomorrow) and a restaurant, where we had eaten dinner. So the 4-year-old replies “What man?”. And the younger one replies “The Man!”, and they go back and forth for several iterations. Then I ask “What did you leave at the man’s house?” She answers “a sticker.”

I of course was completely baffled, and then my husband figured it out. He had taken her to the men’s room to wash her hands after dinner, and the stick she had on her hand had fallen off. In her mind the “men’s room” and “man’s house” were close enough 😉

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