Celebrating Adoption Slideshow

This wonderful family has many friends they have made through their adoption process, and asked if we could share their session slideshow here on the blog so that others can see. They just shared such warmth and happiness that was a joy to photograph. Click on the slideshow image to take a peek at their session.

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  1. Emily,
    I’ve watched this slideshow a million times since you sent it to us, and I am STILL crying!

    Thank you, thank you for these wonderful memories of our beautiful son!

  2. Emily,

    We’re adoption friends of Karyn and Norm and have had the pleasure of meeting them in person! You have captured their true happiness as a family – absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  3. I just watched your slideshow .. how BEAUTIFUL! I found your blog and slideshow via a friend that is in the process of her adoption. She is in Russia right now. Your slide show is amazing.. I am still crying… God Bless your Family!