Breaking in the Glove

September 30, 2010



These clients bought a new glove for our session so that we could do some photos of the little guy in the glove.   Well turns out he thought it was a little stiff and decided to help break it in <wink>.   But after he got that out of his system, he was the perfect sleepy gentleman for the rest of our session, and we even managed to work in the cleaned-up glove in some other images.

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Posted 10 years, 11 months ago at 9:25 pm.

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No Pink, Please

September 28, 2010


This tiny redhead was pretty in [everything but] pink this morning in the studio.   I love the browns and blues and greens on baby girls, and it was fun to try some new things during the session.    Of course it helps to have a great model, and at 3 weeks old this little one was so sweet and sleepy, so we really lucked out.

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Posted 10 years, 11 months ago at 4:56 pm.

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By the Lake

September 25, 2010



This morning I ran into these little girls in soccer clothes and pony tails, and then this afternoon I got to see them dolled up in their adorable poofy skirts and dresses.  Isn’t it great that little girls are just as comfortable climbing trees in dresses as playing in their soccer clothes?   I couldn’t resist sharing a few extra previews from our session–the location was new for me, and I was loving all the fun spots we found.

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Posted 10 years, 12 months ago at 10:30 pm.

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Just Simply Dainty

September 24, 2010


I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with the accessory designer Kara of Just Simply Dainty.  She is local here in Northern Virginia and asked if I would be willing to photograph some of her hair flowers for her website and advertisements.   You’ll probably be seeing them on some of my clients in the next few months, and here are a few previews of what you’ll soon be able to see on her website.

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Posted 10 years, 12 months ago at 12:23 pm.

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The Many Faces

September 15, 2010

faces-webInstead of my regular happy kid blog posts I thought I would throw together some outtakes from the session, just for fun.  This little guy was full of fun expressions, and these are some that I snapped while waiting for the real smiles to come out.   At 10 months old, this little guy was busy crawling, cruising, and exploring.  And just to show that our patience paid off, here are a few of the happy faces:



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Posted 11 years ago at 2:55 pm.

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Bright Eyes

September 13, 2010


Doesn’t she have the most the most amazing eyes?    Little E is just short of 2 years old and kept her mom and I on our toes this morning at her session.   She was having such a good time playing around she didn’t want to be bothered to stand still for photos… at all!   But we were persistent and patient, and did manage to catch some of those smiles.  And I won’t go into how we got her sitting for that first closeup… it’s our “dirty” little secret <wink>.

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Posted 11 years ago at 9:52 pm.

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The Gift of Family

September 12, 2010


Sometimes things happen that remind you how much of a gift having your family is, and make you realize that you want to capture your time together.   This family came together for one such session, and we enjoyed the early morning hours of a beautiful day in downtown Vienna.    They were such a nice group to work with, and I love how great they look in their coordinating blues.

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Posted 11 years ago at 10:21 pm.

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All Smiles and Hugs

September 10, 2010


I couldn’t have asked for more great attention from this little one-year-old this morning.  When I arrived mom and dad warned me that he was having a rough morning, but from the moment I pulled out the camera he had nothing but smiles and twinkling blue eyes for me  (well and some drool, too, LOL).

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Posted 11 years ago at 2:13 pm.

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Tiny Pettiskirt

September 8, 2010


It was nice to finally meet this sweet little one-month-old.  Her mom wrote to me before my trip last month, and I’m glad we were still able to get some sweet sleepy newborn photos for her, as well as some wide eyes.   I love seeing the props that the parents bring to my sessions.  Today it was this adorable pettiskirt– I think she looks like such a doll in it!

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Posted 11 years ago at 9:07 pm.

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Lil’ Elf

September 4, 2010


What a perfect session to come back to after my vacation.  This little 2-week-old was so easy going, and his mom brought along the cutest hats for him to wear.    He even worked up some sleepy smiles for his first family photos.

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Posted 11 years ago at 8:35 am.

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