March 25, 2011

My morning session was postponed, so with my spare time I decided to take my pups outside for a few quick photos.  It’s been too long, and my puppy is not even officially a puppy anymore!   I love the popped up ears and crazy underbite on Lucy (the affenpoo), and Penny (the border collie mix)’s licorice nose.  While I don’t offer pet photography as part of the business, I’m always happy to include the dogs as part of family portraits.

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Posted 10 years, 1 month ago at 1:17 pm.

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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2010

azaleaIn honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share an idea for an easy, Earth-friendly way to perk up someone’s day.  To create my super-simple centerpiece, I took a few clippings from my blooming azalea bush and popped them in what used to be an Honest Tea bottle from the recycle bin.  Add a ribbon from around the house, and voila, you have a pretty little bouquet to give as a gift, or brighten up your own table.

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Posted 11 years ago at 9:14 am.

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A Bug’s Life

May 7, 2009


I am always amazed at how closely insects resemble aliens from sci-fi movies.  These are just a few creepy critters I found in my garden and captured with my trusty macro lens.  Despite how big and intimidating they appear here, have no fear, in real life they were only about 2mm long and quite harmless.  The first guy was a fly who was enjoying the raindrops on the hood of my car.

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Posted 12 years ago at 10:40 am.

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Spring Flowers

March 23, 2009




I just love the first flowers of spring.  My garden has lovely spring bulbs that are blooming, and with the help of my little 3-year-old assistant, I was able to grab a few fun macro shots.  These flowers just have the most amazing details.  For my fellow photographers–these are all in full sun, shot using a golden reflector and my little assistant serving as a gobo to block direct sunlight.  That setup allowed me to grab better detail with my 100mm macro lens.

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Posted 12 years, 1 month ago at 10:32 am.

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Snowy Macros

March 2, 2009

Today’s snow inspired me to pull out my macro lens (which allows me to take extreme closeups/magnified images). Snow seems to make anything, even a dead leaf, look fresh and clean.

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Posted 12 years, 2 months ago at 10:44 pm.

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Spur of the Moment

July 16, 2007

I caught these guys just playing around outside. I asked them to take little break to have their photos taken, and they were such great sports. Goes to show you don’t have to be in your Sunday best for a nice photo, and that it isn’t crazy to carry your camera everywhere 😉

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Posted 13 years, 10 months ago at 7:52 pm.

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