The Difference Between Girls and Boys

I’m taking this week off since the kids are on spring break, and I’ll have some more photos to share next week. But in the meantime I’ll share another “kids will be kids” story.

This afternoon, the girls were playing in their neighbor’s yard, and they were up in the neighbor’s winterized sailboat. The little boy who lives at the house says, “This is a police boat. You have to play police or you have to get off.” So the girls say “We’re mermaids, lets go play in our mermaid garden,” and proceed to get off the boat. Then a little while later, the older sister finds a neat spot in under their elevated playfort to set up a pretend ice cream stand. She asks “Does anyone want ice cream?”. And the boy replies “We don’t sell ice cream here, just guns. Police guns.” Well the mother assures her son that it was ok to sell pretend ice cream there today, and the girl continues her imaginary entrepreneurship. She asks me “Would you like some ice cream, it’s ten dollars”. “Oh my,” I say. “Ten dollars is a lot for ice cream.” And she says, “ok, one dollar.”

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  1. I love kid stories like this! I’m so happy I visited!