Celebrating Adoption

As a photographer, my main goal is to provide people with photos of their children that they will cherish for a lifetime. As part of that goal, I volunteer for a few national charitable photography organizations, offering free services to qualifying clients.

I am honored to be a local photographer for an organization called “Celebrating Adoption”, which helps provide portrait sessions for families who have adopted a child in the past year. The clients receive a free session fee, a set of up to 20 printed 4×6 proofs, as well as 20% off any additional prints, all donated by the photographer. While not an adoptive parent myself, I do know the joy of one of my family members when she was finally able to adopt a child after years of waiting. So I am honored that families will give me the opportunity to help capture their joy of celebrating adoption!

For more information about the national organization, you can visit their website:

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