Family Fun

Don’t the little ones look adorable in their holiday best?

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Posted in Family and Uncategorized 15 years, 6 months ago at 2:40 pm.

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  1. Emily, I love your story boards! This is such a great one. What a beautiful family and fun memories.
    Awesome job!

  2. Emily…I love your photography. You really REALLY inspire me. I hope I become as great a photographer as you. so I have a question…what do you recommend for green horn photographer like me to sharpen my skils and photography taking abilities? What equiptment do you recommend?

  3. vera*lana photography Nov 28th 2007 @ 18:11 GMT+0000

    Oh, thank you Priscilla! The best advice I got when learning was to learn about photography, get shooting in manual mode down, and then improve your equipment. Feel free to email me and we can chat 🙂