Eeyore 8th Birthday Party


My younger daughter requested an Eeyore-themed party for her 8th birthday, and we had a great time transforming our backyard into our own version of the 100 acre wood.  As it turns out, Winnie the Pooh themed party items are in low supply these days, with most of them being designed for baby showers or 1st birthdays.  So I scoured Etsy and Pinterest for ideas and forged ahead with the Eeyore theme.

I found a cute birthday banner, chocolate Eeyore-shaped lolipops, ribbon sculpture hair clips, and a custom dress for the birthday girl on Etsy.   I found the map of the 100 Acre Wood and the giant Eeyore for the Pin the Tail on Eeyore online.  They are giant stickers that were intended to hang in a nursery, but worked great for our purposes.   And we picked up some Pooh and friends ears and tails, and made some Eeyore quote boards to make an Eeyore and friends photobooth.

My husband learned wood-burning to make our yard signs, and I made mini versions in pots to label the food.  We added in some balloons and streamers and viola! a party-transformed yard.  The kids had a blast crafting, playing, and posing for pictures in our photobooth.

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