Yoga Baby

I first met this new mom when she came in for some professional headshots, and now she was back with her sweet baby girl.  Mom had demonstrated her yoga skills during our previous session, and this time it was her little daughter who was showing off her flexibility.    She was such a happy, sleepy baby for us–a newborn photographer’s dream.

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Posted in Family and Maternity/Newborn 11 years, 2 months ago at 1:29 pm.



  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! She is an angel sent by God …. CONGRATULATONS!!!!!!!!

  2. She is perfect, is a blessing from god

  3. Esta preciosa, bendciones por monton, espero conocerla en persona pronto. Saludos y mas bendiciones.

  4. Amazing! Love to you three! xoxo, AYG